4th day Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair – Collections

Edda still showing at Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition centre.
Booth number is “5G228″

Today, will update our product a bit.
It’s not all. But hope to you could feel it “Edda” is..

First one>


It item is “Best Selling of Edda”.

Item Number : EPS-0036300 Uneven Ring
Material silver with 3 colours coating pendant top.
Uneven rings looks like some stones from nature.

“Edda” was unisex items. No much bigger or smaller for a man and woman.


This item also seems woody.
Accent used White Cubic Zirconia make looks elegance a bit.

Item Number : ERS-0045101(Ladies Size/Back in picture) / ERS-0045201(Mens Size/Front in picture)

Accessories not choose owners, Owners choose accessories.
Originality into the ordinary in your life.


Item Number : EPS-0155301(White CZ/Back in picture) / EPS-0155302(Black CZ/Front in picture)

White and Black Cubic Zirconia around out side pendant tops.
Material Silver 925 with Brass inside mixed.

Different material using one items. And then this item had same designed rings (next post). Ring and Pendant same looks and also you can total originality coordinating of Edda like this items and more items.


Item Number : ERS-0025102(Black CZ/Ladies/Back in picture) / ERS-0025202(Black CZ/ Mens/Front in picture)

Same designed from “EPS-0155302(Pendant)” before posted.

Also we had White CZ, use different number : ERS-0025101 and ERS-0025201

Pendant and Ring, Use same colour or different colour it depend on who is owners this items.
Originality was not tied up anybody. Creative your life with “Edda”.

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